Fredrick Prescott with Rooster and Dragon Kinetic Sculpture
       Life and art join to reveal a dynamic partnership in the work of Fredrick Prescott. The joy and animation seen in Prescott’s sculptures simultaneously evoke the natural world and it’s imaginary counterpart. As graphically bold and colorful as his pieces are, they always look perfectly at ease in a natural setting, though there is no denying their otherworldly quality.
      The dichotomy between the real and the fantastical in Prescott’s artwork leads to the creation of a captivating, multi-dimensional art form. Using the visual and emotional impact of brilliant color on moving steel, the artist produces sculptures reflecting his singular perception of the world around him. His work is seen as a blend of folk art, pop art, and technically advanced construction.
      Fredrick Prescott’s childhood experiences have influenced the kinetic animals and landscapes that have become his artistic trademark. Born in Palo Alto in 1949, the oldest son of the chief inventor and owner of the Universal Coin Meter Company, Prescott began working with metal at the age of six. In a playground of band saws, punch presses and metal grinders, he spent countless hours honing the skills he uses to transform metal into art by cutting, bending, and welding. By age twelve, Prescott was enrolled in a watercolor painting class where he immediately developed a passion for color. By both sculpting and painting his artwork, he began his career fascination for bold and colorful metal sculpture.
      Since 1974, Prescott has exhibited his work all over the world and created special pieces on commission for both private and corporate collectors, including Walt Disney Co., Porsche, and the Chicago Bulls, among others. Prescott’s larger-than-life sculptures have frequently been installed in public parks and venues where people of all ages and backgrounds can enjoy them.
      Everything surrounding him in the world serves as a constant inspiration to Fredrick Prescott. The vibrant colors that find their way into his sculptures are drawn from the distinctively electric palette of the contemporary world. The artist’s pieces reflect his experiences, as he transforms them into the half-real, half-fantastic images that are a tangible example of the joy and humor he finds in all that he observes. Whether depicting frenetic street scenes, or the world of animals and nature, all pieces are created from the joyful perspective that the world is humorous and colorful.
      Always striving to catch up to the hundreds of ideas constantly whirling inside his head, Prescott overwhelms himself in a frenzy of activity that encompasses every stage of his creative process. His life runs at the fevered pace of an artist who is constantly recreating himself and whose boundless energy and creativity is inspired by all that he hears, sees, touches, and learns. The breadth and ambition of his ideas promise to bring a constant audience for all of his future creations.