Watch as the animals dance and play in their new home at the Arboretum and Botanical Gardens

What makes the animals special in the Botanical Gardens?

Young and old alike are drawn
to the familiar animal shapes and forms, and each sculpture adds to its
surrounding environment and enhances the beauty of nature. Be it a majestic
mountain view in Colorado, or the serene rolling hills of Texas, the sculptures
are a wonderful addition. 

These kinetic sculptures are
unique, as they invite people to interact, touch and share.  As one visitor to the gallery stated,

 “These sculptures invoke a reaction…happiness!”

I feel we should all have the opportunity to enjoy art in our lives and
in our surroundings.  As an artist, my
goal is to bring a sense of joy and whimsy to peoples’ lives.  I achieve this goal with color, style and movement
in my artwork.  Each sculpture is created
by hand with technical skill and precision engineering.

Why do the animals live at the Arboretum?